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Life Beyond Work.

“What would you like to do if money were no object?”

The poignant words of Alan Watts lead us to examine lives that are safe versus lives that truly fulfill us.

Messages From Water

What happens to water when its spoken to? Is debris all it picks up from its surroundings? The groundbreaking experiments in this film will shift how you look at water- and people- forever.

The Impact of Thought On Physical Reality

We’ve heard of Mind over Matter, but what about Mind Equals Matter? Here is a Look at Exactly How and How Much Thoughts Shape Our Physical Reality.

Shift: Natural Shopping
If you ever wonder what to buy, find it here. Natural products that work well, plus their prices and locations.
The Power of the Heart
The Heart is more far more significant and powerful than we think. Learn its extraordinary intelligence.
10 Days To Nirvana
The liberating experience of a lifetime: Vipassana.