The Energetic Anatomy of 2014

The central themes that surrounded this year were impressive and resounded with potential and effort. Take another look at where we began and see if you are still making the most of it.

Messages From Water

Is all water the same? Is physical debris the only thing it picks up from its surroundings or is there more? How does it react to how we treat each other? This film features amazing experiments that will shift the way you look at water forever.

Plant Some Sh….

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money” Ron Finley explains his call to do something about the lack of decent food in disadvantaged areas.. starting with his sidewalk. He gives us all a peek at the explosive “eco-lutionary” implications of Growing It Yourself!

The Impact of Thought On Physical Reality

We’ve heard of Mind over Matter, but have we heard that Mind Equals Matter? Here is a Look at Exactly How and How Much Thoughts Shape Our Physical Reality.

What To Use?
Give your medicine cabinet a makeover! This Guide to Products provides a breakdown of what to stay away from, why, and what to use instead.
GOYS Bibliothèque features books of all sorts to grow your brain. Have a seat in our library.
10 Days To Nirvana
GOYS Guide to the liberating experience of a lifetime: Vipassana.

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